You want to get rickied before that party tonight?
by Joshy Bot January 24, 2009
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Ricki is a female. That funny and when it comes to someone sad she tries her best to make the person smile she is really beautiful / sexy independent and likes to fight she cares about her family and will not take no for a answer but will not cry when no is the answer she doesn't give any fucks she does her own people hate on her always if she has a problem she will say it straight up she is not scared she is knows to have big boobs and ass gets guys always a guy will be lucky to have her
Omg !! You see ricki she is so pretty

He is so lucky to have a ricki !
by Trueshit March 24, 2016
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Rickie is a loving boy who is misunderstood. He may act cool and boring on the outiside but when you get to know him... he's one heck of a guy! Rickie will love you no matter what and will always make you laugh... having a rickie in your life is definitely a blessing... rickie fights for what he thinks is right. .. even if he is alone! Rickie is amazing
Look... it's rickie

by Eileen wang July 31, 2019
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As in "getting rickied" To be taken advantage of by others; usually in a financial way.
Did you hear about Dave? His car broke down & he went to the wrong shop, man he got rickied.
by The Speedyzee October 21, 2013
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A very gorgeous girl inside and out. Not only is she nice to everyone she meets, but always has an open mind when it comes to meeting new people. Ricki is beautiful and everyone knows it. She tends to accidentally swoop every guy away from you but she can't help it. Very humorous and attractive; sending everyone on their knees. Ricki may seem shy at first but once you get to know her, she's a wild child! Despite the stereotype of beautiful people not being very bright, she's very smart and known for being successful. She's the greatest friend anyone can have and if you got fortunate enough to meet Ricki, never let her go.
"Woah have you seen that new girl??"

"oH Ricki?? Yeah, isn't she just drop dead gorgeous?"

"For sure! She's also very sweet."
by abigailsfilardi December 17, 2018
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The definition of Ricky is very simplistic. This is a man who is going to be the funny person in the room. He may sometimes be the awkward person and shy, but to his close friends his “mature” jokes will make you laugh. Mans been through hell, but he’s loyal. A “Ricky” can come off as an arrogant being, but under that hard exterior is someone who is as scared as everyone else. Though you may not admit it, he’s one of your closest friends. Ricky also rocks glasses and looks mad nice. Many believe Ricky is a white being, but no.... he’s very Asian. If you’re a Ricky or know one, give the man a hug. One day he’s your best friend, and other days he’s not there. Ricky is a gentle human being who tries to nurture everyone in his environments. He’s always gonna be the leader of the squad and watches comedic television enlightening his friends with humours jokes. He’s also hot, but no one admits it
Damn, you should go to Ricky.

Where’s Ricky when you need him.
by Onyku June 10, 2018
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Ricky: an amazing, down to earth guy. Who of which is always there for you through the thick and thin, Ricky is an amazing friend boyfriend or sibling, he is a caring person who is loyal and funny and kind hearted. Ricky can come out a bit mean but he truly doesn’t mean it. Ricky’s are also often attractive not only physically but mentally he is smooth with women. Ricky is a good human.
Ricky is so nice and funny !
Ricky is adorable

Ricky is a good friend
by Ricbut699 August 20, 2019
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