girls born on march 10 are the most thoughtful and caring girls. she will come through when you need her. listen here, if your name (guys) starts with c, g, or j, THIS GIRL WILL HOLD YOU FOREVER DONT EVER LET GO! she hates talking about herself and will do anything to make sure you're happy. she might have a weird sense of humor that will definitely confuse you, but she will listen to everything you have to say. she wants to know all about your life, family and friends and even what you're doing in the kitchen. she just wants a glimpse into other's life and it genuinely makes her happy when someone finds her creative. she thinks of all her guys friends as her brother and she'll treat you like one too. please don't ever hurt her, she literally deserves everything.
Person 1: "hey when's your birthday?"
Person 2: "march 10 why"
Person 1: "please don't leave me you're so special"
by daddysbigtummy October 20, 2019
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March 10 is give your hoodie to a girl day !!! Doesn’t matter if she’s your friend, best friend, or gf . Give her a hoodie on this day (specially if it’s her birthday !)
Mia: hey cris it’s march 10 you know what that means ;)

Cris : what what ?
Also cris : I have to give you a hoodie!!! Here you go

Mia: awe you remembered
by iheartiheartganyu October 28, 2019
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She is a beautiful son of a bitch who deserves the world boys and girls you need to treat her right btw karma is a bitch
Anyone born on march 10 deserves to be treated right
by Yoo hoo big summer blow out October 28, 2019
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The day the most thickest of people are born.
Dan : damn look at that ass.
John: she thicc she must be born on March 10th
by Dummythiccy October 28, 2019
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Girl you know it’s March 10th right it’s national bad bitch day and fuck a fine nigga / bitch day
by Boss man 475364 October 19, 2019
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