Someone who continually carry’s on like a fuckwit regardless of how many times they are told to wrap it up.
Did you see the way bones acted last night? That guy is the ultimate 9 ball
by Gecko lizard February 12, 2019
A type of pool played with nine balls in a diamond configuration. The point of the game is to get all nine in the pockets in numerical order.
Nine ball pool can be seen at 2 o'clock am on ESPN 2.
by TheMute1 July 27, 2004
Sent a 9 ball spining his way
by King November 18, 2003
Coqui 900.. its a 40 ounce, that trys to be like st ides, not very good, but it gets the job done
i can always use another 9 ball
by Big Robert March 7, 2005
A glass pipe used for smoking methamphetamine. It has a stem with a hollow bowl at end and a carb. Typically sold in Punjabi stores and smoke shops with silk roses inside. Also referred to as glass roses wax vape glass dick dope pipe. Not to be confused with a crack pipe that is typically made out of a broken car antenna and a chore boy
Hey man can you swing by the smoke shop on the way home and pick up a fresh 9 ball?
by Trap-princess1368 September 10, 2015
(noun) A large shit, that when shat, feels like you are passing a 9-ball from your ass. A 9-ball takes an extraordinary amount of force to pass.

Common injuries that occur from dropping a 9-ball include but are not limited to: sphincter tears, busted blood vessels in the eyes, hernias, bloody nose, and in rare cases death.
GUY 1: "Hey man, where've ya been? Your wings are cold."

GUY 2: "I had to drop a 9-ball!"

GUY 1: "Well that explains the limp and the blood."
by Samir Nagheenanajar August 23, 2006
To totally lose at pool. Or anything thing where you get totally and utterly beaten at with no chance of any dignity.
Amy got 9 balled at pool, and had to face the consequences.
by HyperSpace Monkey February 1, 2017