A type of pool played with nine balls in a diamond configuration. The point of the game is to get all nine in the pockets in numerical order.
Nine ball pool can be seen at 2 o'clock am on ESPN 2.
by TheMute1 July 27, 2004
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Someone who continually carry’s on like a fuckwit regardless of how many times they are told to wrap it up.
Did you see the way bones acted last night? That guy is the ultimate 9 ball
by Gecko lizard February 11, 2019
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Coqui 900.. its a 40 ounce, that trys to be like st ides, not very good, but it gets the job done
i can always use another 9 ball
by Big Robert March 06, 2005
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A glass pipe used for smoking methamphetamine. It has a stem with a hollow bowl at end and a carb. Typically sold in Punjabi stores and smoke shops with silk roses inside. Also referred to as glass roses wax vape glass dick dope pipe. Not to be confused with a crack pipe that is typically made out of a broken car antenna and a chore boy
Hey man can you swing by the smoke shop on the way home and pick up a fresh 9 ball?
by Trap-princess1368 September 10, 2015
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(noun) A large shit, that when shat, feels like you are passing a 9-ball from your ass. A 9-ball takes an extraordinary amount of force to pass.

Common injuries that occur from dropping a 9-ball include but are not limited to: sphincter tears, busted blood vessels in the eyes, hernias, bloody nose, and in rare cases death.
GUY 1: "Hey man, where've ya been? Your wings are cold."

GUY 2: "I had to drop a 9-ball!"

GUY 1: "Well that explains the limp and the blood."
by Samir Nagheenanajar August 23, 2006
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To totally lose at pool. Or anything thing where you get totally and utterly beaten at with no chance of any dignity.
Amy got 9 balled at pool, and had to face the consequences.
by HyperSpace Monkey February 01, 2017
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