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Like a deeper layer of Hell, 8chan is an image board for anyone who is too much of an edgelord for 4chan. Created during the Gamergate fiasco when even the brass of 4chan decided that situation was getting out of hand and became a base of operations of sorts for the GG crowd.
4chan banned me for posting CP so I joined 8chan.
by ShinCookie August 10, 2016
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8chan is an image board site that gained notoriety in 2014; users can create their own boards there. Members of 4chan flocked there in the wake of moderator abuse during Gamergate. 8chan is a magnet for some of the most vile, obnoxious, and sociopathic people on the internet. Constantly generates mayham and troll-wars which seep upward into 4chan, Reddit, and even Twitter, despite it's tiny size.
8chan: too extreme for 4chan.
by Ubernoob2 September 03, 2017
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An anonymous image board created by people who were not satisfied by the moderation of 4chan. 8chan is filled with some of the most messed-up stuff on the interwebs.
8chan is not for the squeamish.
by Zacktheking9001 November 04, 2014
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8chan originally was made popular because 4chan banned talk of gamergate, but that's old news. Now, it's used by hipsters that don't want to use 4chan because it's more popular. Also the administrator of 8chan is a midget in a wheelchair.
What imageboard do you post on?

by Person80 February 26, 2017
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Like 4chan, but twice as fucked up.
Do you know anything more fucked up than 4chan?

Yes, 8chan, it's twice as fucked up.

Thank you.
by LastTryPseudonym April 21, 2019
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The single worst clearnet site to ever exist. Stuff like CP, gore, bizarre/disgusting fetishes (including actual scat), animal abuse, and illegal files aren't unusual.
My friend dared me to visit 8chan's /b/ board and there was a CP dump thread, a video of someone eating a turd, and various pictures of people being stabbed to death. What the fuck.
by connorp04 August 24, 2018
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Updated definition (Jan. 2018)
8chan is a Chan site similar to 4Chan. It gained popularity in 2015 when 4Chan users sought new sites due to Gamergate. Recently however, it has fallen dramatically in popularity as attempts to stop illegal posts have resulted in an overall atmosphere of animosity and combativeness across all the boards. Currently it has only four moderately active boards left, and is mainly used by people who have been banned from other chans, and younger users who are new to chan culture. As a result of the changing demographic, the content has shifted from "edgy and illegal" to more traditional and merely juvenile-level crass content more like that of 4chan, and in fact many of the exact same threads now appear on both sites. While the drop in popularity and user numbers continues, it is doing so more slowly as it approaches a nadir. Whether it will remain active remains to be seen, but its days of popularity are now very much behind it.
Have you been to 8ch lately?
I was over on 8chan/pol/ and got trolled.
by UUncle Dysnomia January 21, 2018
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