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A now defunct Godzilla site and at the time mildly infamous message board that was run by a gang of mentally ill sociopaths who were never as smart as they thought they were. It pretty much stopped being relevant after Godzilla: Final Wars came out. The domain was repurchased and now mysteriously redirects to Toho Kingdom, their hated rivals.
Maser City hasn't been on anyone's mind since they pulled their idiotic April Fools Day joke in 2005.
by ShinCookie August 10, 2016
A foolish and fairly stupid person, usually online, who is generally completely oblivious to how much of an idiot they come off as. They usually have poor grammar, bad social skills and there's seldom anything thought provoking or even remotely interesting about their opinions and/or they post things that are ridiculously off topic to the discussion at hand.

There are two flavors of them: the young and immature garden variety Dunks and then the trollish, masochistic lifelong ones with something seriously wrong with them emotionally and mentally. Most Dunkasses are often young and usually mellow out as they get older and learn better netiquette, some even becoming valued and productive members of the community in question, though a rare few, people like Christian Weston Chandler, will stay completely unrepentant, stubbornly refusing to learn from their mistakes and learn social skills. A lifelong Dunkass often ends up with a long list of communities from which they've been banned and a bad reputation across their fandom or community.
Sam just posted something so stupid on our message board, he's such a Dunkass, we may have to ban him if he doesn't grow the fuck up.
by ShinCookie November 3, 2016
Portmanteau of "dumbfuck" and "Trump", describing uneducated working class people who, against their better interests, fervently support Donald Trump often out of mere spite for intellectuals and liberals. They refuse to listen to any argument about how electing a wealthy oligarch is bad for them as poor people and that Republican politicians have nothing but contempt for them and are actively trying to take away their health care. They will respond to such educated and logical arguments with cries of "Hillary's e-mails" and "Benghazi".
Bob is a working class landscaper who would benefit from socialism but still supports Trump, he's such a trumfuck.
by ShinCookie July 11, 2017
A (usually quite arrogant, hypocritical and narcissistic) person who feels compelled to give other people tons of personal advice and perhaps even detailed instructions on how to live their lives. This person is always never in any sort of position to actually give advice, being almost defined by their poor choices and often barely functional or even dysfunctional in their own lives.
My friend Michael the Advice Monkey won't shut the fuck up with his advice on health and street smarts; he's also on several antidepressants and lives in a Section 8 apartment with his cat.
by ShinCookie August 4, 2016
Like a deeper layer of Hell, 8chan is an image board for anyone who is too much of an edgelord for 4chan. Created during the Gamergate fiasco when even the brass of 4chan decided that situation was getting out of hand and became a base of operations of sorts for the GG crowd.
4chan banned me for posting CP so I joined 8chan.
by ShinCookie August 10, 2016