A less-extreme manifestation of mania, characterized by rapid speech, impulsivity, reduced need for sleep, overspending, hyperactivity, et cetera. Psychosis is not present. In Bipolar I patients, hypomania can be the precursor to full-blown mania.
"Honey? When you're talking at two hundred miles per hour about the philosophy of grape juice, I know you're hypomanic."
by lp March 24, 2005
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An individual affected by hypomania is characterized to need less sleep, party more, be hypersexual, be overly confident and euphoric, act on impulse, overspend, etc.

Hypomania does not include psychosis, which makes it a milder version of full mania.
"Dude, Heather partied like crazy this weekend"
"Yeah, I heard she's hypomaniac"
by MILF-mania September 28, 2021
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