89 is when you 69 with a fat chick.
Steph "hehe....89"
Steven "hu?"
Steph " 89...its like..69 with a fat chick! :D"
by SerenityStyx January 01, 2010
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a verb refering to the use of a ti 89 (texas instruments calculator) on algebra problems.
student 1: Ahh...problem 3 is annoying. i dont feel like spending time to solve for x,y,z, and b

student 2: 89 it
by gotta November 17, 2006
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The most awesome number in the world. When theres a number needed, 89 is the way to go. Everything you ever need is just an 89 away. If you need to use a random number in any situation you MUST use the number 89, its just the best.
"I was just at the mall and there were like 89 people there."
"Did you see that guy, he's like 89 feet tall!"
"omg sif just shot that guy like 89 times, he shoulda been pwnd!!!"
"8 to the 9"
by SCROTE_89 September 08, 2006
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This word is a combination of 86 and 69. Used when referring to having sex with a person then kicking them out or leaving immediately afterwards. Similar to a booty call or a one night stand.
If you see a male or female you would like to have sex with and thats it, you would say "I'd like to 89 her/him" or "I 89'ed her/him last night". This word was created by a buddy and I at the bar when a very drunk girl said we should 89 a guy for being rowdy. She mixed up the words 86 and 69; thus, the word 89 was born. We found it amusing and have not herd the term used anywhere else, making this a great place for it.
by -=Mr.JaVa=- May 24, 2007
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OOOOOhhh damn baby you wanna gimme that 89 tonight?
by Asian_Daddy_69 October 26, 2017
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