a secret organization only known by those who have a calculator of the same name. While other math students fumble with equations, the TI-89er relaxes as s/he's just used the solve() function. And as all the other dumbasses observe, s/he simple responds "TI-89," and other students will simply cower and look elsewhere.
Oh, the TI-89's? Well, if I told you I'd have to kill you.
by Orion January 16, 2004
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Graphing calculator that has the meaning of life. Not only does it do math for you, but it also does your laundry!
The AP board is examining your test, and sees that you miraculously have the answer in one step. The justification is "Ti-89".....automatic 5!
by la Morsa December 12, 2003
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1. A far superior model to its counterpart, the ti-83. Can graph 3D functions, differentiate and integrate and calculate Taylor series. The symbol of a true math or science geek.

2. The main reason I'm passing college math.
1. I really need to get a ti-89. This crap is too hard.

2. I LOVE MY TI-89!!!
by BKred January 19, 2004
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What is the 89 Vision? The borrowed lyric in the Sublime song "jailhouse" is out of context and tells next to nothing, because it has nothing to do with Bradley’s anal fetishes (I am referring to the song 89 Vision from the bootleg Pure Anus). It is also mentioned in Jailhouse (“…89 vision, we didn’t fuss or no fight…”) but this time in context. The term refers to 1989 and KRS-One’s vision of non-violence in hip hop/the black community. His 1987 album Criminal Minded is said to be one of the original gangter hip hop albums, but his DJ and the other part of BDP Scott La Rock was gunned down. Shortly thereafter a fan was killed during a fight at his concert and it permanently changed his outlook on hip hop music. Kris Parker aka the Blastmaster aka the Teacher aka KRS-ONE began preaching against violence starting with his single Self Destruction in 1989. Thus the ’89 Vision was born. Guess who was on that single: Just I.C.E...another major Sublime influence.

"we gots the '89 vision, never fuss and no fight..."
by fooooools gold February 12, 2008
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To hook up with an extremely hot member of the opposite sex. Implies quality and quantity.
The club was full of hotties throwing themselves at me, I pulled a “fall 89”!
by Delta gamma - pi phi October 7, 2020
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Definition: the Texas Instruments 89. Known by every student in American high schools as an Original Game Boy, that also can graph differential equations and keep useful notes for tests.
Alternate Definition: a Dell
"Dude I just got the best game for my TI-89, f-ing Track and Field 1998!"
"Oh man you're so lucky, I still have only an 83, but I got Pimp Quest, mother f-er."
by řikupich November 28, 2004
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The ultimate calculator capable of calculating anything and everything
Holy shit! Is that a ti-89?!
by Anonymous August 16, 2003
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