1. A term used to describe an obese, male person whom you know little about apart from the fact that they are fat.

1.1 A random fat guy

2. Somebody resembling Peter Griffin in appearance

3. The mirror...... oooooh no you didn't.
Dude 1: Yo, who was that crazy mofo that threw a chair through that window at KFC because they took too long to bring him his chicken??

Dude 2: Some fat guy.

Dude 1: Shit! I never would have guessed!!

Dude 2: Mm, I believe they are now passing a law that fat people must be kept on a leash whilst in KFC or they must move on to Subway.

Dude 1: So.... got a collar for your GF then?

Dude 2: Now your just getting off topic and trying to lay down extra insults on UrbanDictionary like the rest of the world.

Dude 1: .....My bad man.

Dude 2: Fo Sho.
by BussoNolan October 10, 2009
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