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Hetrosexual Oral Sex. Think about it - "69" would only work for M/M or F/F sex...
We were 83in' last night when her mom walked in...
by AL1EN May 30, 2006

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Teens, Tweens & those without any reasonable social skills who "self-identify" with whatever the latest goth and/or vampire "fashion" is "in", and believe that their participation makes them part of something "real", "deep" & "Spiritual". Back in the '80 they were called "Art Fags".
Look at that little VamPoser over there -- just how much glitter is that dude wearing on his skin?
by AL1EN April 12, 2010

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One who eats only things that live on land, as opposed to things that live in or on the water.
Uh... no shrimp cocktail or seaweed salad for me, thanks, I'm a terrestriarian.
by AL1EN September 10, 2020

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