a very known online dark wed & social media vendor who teaches people how to do fraud.
83 bands taught me how to run it up in this bandemic
by Jimmy swipes December 10, 2020
a calculator that if you learn how to make games for, everyone will call u a nerd forever

i wish i never learned how to make ti-83+ games
"look at that nerd playing with his ti-83"
by stupidman August 25, 2006
Columbus, OH- 83 Gallery serves to harness the energy of the creative community and motivate the artistic souls which drive the inspiration machine, the city’s visionary denizens.
83 Gallery is the turbine of social change, the thrust into the future of art; neighborhood expression put to canvas.

-see Anti-83

-see Anarchy
Hipster 1: "Dude. Did you see that deck painting in 83 Gallery'?

Hipster 2: "Yeah, I think I saw it on my way to Bodega for my hip tequila coffee."

Hipster 1: "I made that shit!"

Hipster 2: "Local Matters man, Local Matters."
by Broke Local Artist December 24, 2011
Michael Afton (as a prank) put his brothers head within the jaw of Fred bear.

unfortunately Fred bear was singing and clamed down on Evan Afton's head causing a fast and painful death, he would later go on to be one of the 2 souls trapped within golden Freddy.
oh my god di you hear about the bite of 83'???
by BATMANS left toe August 25, 2022
Expression used to applaud the most badass of acts consisting of, but not limited to: alcoholism, smoking of marijuana, kicking ass, ultimate bass skills, and general gnarliness. Applies to situations more badass than '87 Hetfields.
"Did you just see Tony jump through that fire? Totally '83 Burton"

"on the telephone Holy shit, Ron drank two cases by himself and fucked his girlfriend's mom?! That's fucking '83 Burton!!"
by Ram Dass July 19, 2006
Calculator for lazy students in high school who can't graph, want to play addictive and fun games in class and/or want to cheat on their tests.

Graphing calculators make students lazy and makes them insecure about their innate potential.
Average student: Wait! I can't graph y=x and y=sin(x) without my trusty Ti-83.

Intelligent, hard-worknig, and confident student: graphs the equations long before the average student keys in the first equation on his/her graphing calculator.
by RC April 6, 2006
A rare strain of Marijuana noticeable by it's Orange hairs and sweet, honey-like fragrance. This blend is known for being incredibly dense and covered in crystals (especially noticeable when ground). Known for it's old-school, extremely relaxing high, it is quite pleasurable.
Jimmy: "Yo man, you down to chill? I just picked up some Sour Diesel."

Josh: "Don't get me wrong bro, Sour Diesel is fuckin' bomb, but I got some M-83 back at my place."

Jimmy: "Fuck the Diesel, that shit is dank.
by El Tanque August 17, 2008