Hiphop guys (2Faces, BIC, Canox, Ben, T-Mo, ..) from Quebec southside. Their name come from the two first numbers in local phone numbers (83)x-xxxx
rard: Hey man, last night i saw 83 assholes chillin' at the park!
Roger: They suck.
Gérard: Fuck yeah, bro!
by Grungy Max October 13, 2004
Stupid answer to a stupid question. It can be used when a student in class is too slow to write something down and has to ask the others to repeat the last part all the time.

After a while you'll get annoyed and you just answer "83!".

It can also be used when someone asks a question of which he could have found the answer if he just thought a little.
dumb student: "What was that last part?"
all: "83!"
by jormeidt April 27, 2007
Infinity within a heart. Infinite live. A symbol of polyamory.
Text: r u 2 <83 ?
Reply: And loving it :)
by Polypolypoly November 3, 2017
A summer that all the old people from the amazing world of gumball seem to remember but no one seems to care about
Old person: why, I haven't heard that name since the summer of 83

by barnacle20 December 21, 2011
A way to hint but not reveal that you're bisexual.
83 is the atomic number of Bismuth, which has an elemental symbol of "Bi"
Hey have you seen what Josh has in his bio?
83 protons?
You know that means he's bi right?!
by cutt1efish April 10, 2021
Arguing with any troll for any length of time will in turn make you a troll as well.
There are no exceptions to this rule.
P1: Puppies are cute.
Troll 1: puppies are not cute, they are gross and dirty.
P2: well you're dirty and gross T1.
P1: Um P2? Rule 83...
by Korana February 4, 2009