the area code of the great state of vermont, effectively fitting the entire state into a single area code.
represent the 802! ...that means i live anywhere from colchester to brattleboro...
by ImAnEskimo January 9, 2006
Numerical insignia designed to represent the most narcissistic, yet unpopular state within the United States. People in VT sport 802 stickers on their cars to "represent" an area code for the entire state. Big deal. No one cares. Vermont is the state of confusion, where the people who live there need "802" to help them find their way home.
Someone from Rutland just drove by with an 802 sticker on their car to showcase their love for Vermont.
by mcvermont November 9, 2013
"The best fucking bachelor pad in the business!" - Timmer

The Man Cave where there's always a good hot dog and hot dog bun ratio.

Where the beer is always cold when there's a Steeler, Penguins, or Bucco's game going on...or every other day of the week.
Rollo: I've been gone so long man. Where can a man go to catch a good Pens game
Waffle: Why, THE 802, my good man. There's always cheers and jeers and lots of beers at THE 802.
by TX Tone Capone October 6, 2011
A real phone number instead of the usual area code that informs callers how to get closure. If you have been wronged, this is a must dial.
If I have wronged you, please dial 1-802-EAT-SHIT!!
by Marcthetumblrguy April 1, 2018
I found this number and it really tells you to eat shit. I can't stop calling it.
That guy is a douchenozzle, you should tell him to call 1-802-EAT-SHIT.
by marcallandottumblrdotcom April 1, 2018
In god knows what year, GWR watched anime and fell in love with japanese shit so they went up to dildo maker hitachi and asked for some high speed trains, and Hitachi said yes.
LNER was jealous of GWR so they ordered some too.
Transpennine Express wanted to get into the action so they ordered some too but the bastards have to be all special so they called them N O V A S
SCR copied the trains designs onto roblox for express and airlink
Then some bastard found a crack in them and now they're not awesome
Dave found a crack in a Class 800 801 802
by ItsFound May 31, 2021
A code my friend made that means
602 393 63 802 I made the code because I’m cool and emo
by Urmom<3 November 21, 2021