7.62. is an gang on the South side of Chicago il, They are believed to be dangerous and full of loose screws. I would not engage in any kind of altercation with this set. They are allies with various other gangs . Their enemies are believed to be another set called NBV (no broke vibes) but are believed to be broke.
"You heard 7.62. got busy at that party?"
"I'm talking about that boy from 7.62."
by Chicago South side news June 9, 2020
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As stated, the AK-47 and FN-FAL/SLR both have barrels of calibre 7.62mm. However, the 2 weapons fire totally incompatible cartridges. The FN-FAL/SLR used the 7.62x51 NATO cartridge whereas the AK-47 used the shorter 7.62x39 Soviet cartridge.

The NATO cartidge is more powerful and has greater range (hence it has often been used in machine guns such as the BREN and GPMG/FN-MAG, and in sniper rifles sucn as the SR-25), however the less powerful Soviet cartridge is more effective at wounding/killing a human at typical combat ranges (less than 400m).
A shot from a 7.62x51 SLR at close range would typically go straight through the target and out the other side, doing minimal damage and transferring little monentum to the target. A shot from an 7.62x39 AK-47 will tumble inside the target, doing considerable damage and transferring all of its monentum to the target.
by fubarderby December 27, 2005
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7.62 mm, the caliber of AK-47 and all related firearms used by armies and individuals of various countries
All they now have is their 7.62 weapons.
by Anonymous November 6, 2002
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7.62mm rounds are the rounds chambered in some assault rifles and other firearms.

The most famous of all guns using the 7.62mm cartridge is the AK-47/AKM,and the FN FAL.

The round relies on primarily its weight,rather than velocity.

The 7.62mm round has alot of kick,and recoil is high,its weight overrides its velocity,meaning its more inaccurate then smaller caliber rounds,but this also means penetration is greatly increased.

The 7.62mm rounds weight will carry it through even the strongest of bullet resistant vests,and its size makes for devestating entry and exit wounds.
The 7.62mm round was first born in 1947 with the "AK-47"
by bulletz144 November 19, 2005
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Getting shot ('poisoned') by a 7.62 bullet.

The origin is unknown, but its military slang popular amongst servicemembers (especially The Marines/Army) that have been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.

The 7.62 refers to the standard caliber of round fired from the AK-47 and its many close relatives. In contrast, the US fires a 5.56 round.
Yea, but I'm not anywhere near combat, so my odds of getting 7.62 poisoning are slim.
by method_men25 June 3, 2010
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ay you heard what 7.62 sage said?

oh yea hes a goat
by The Darkest knight September 17, 2022
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