A Canadian douchebag who creates clickbait "3 AM" videos for his twelvie audience and literally faked the death of his girlfriend for views. Also got in trouble with the law multiple times, dropped out of school while he was only in ninth grade, and claimed stolen valor. As of now, he has not created any new videos on his channel. Hopefully, that's the new status quo on YouTube.

Basically, a quintessential DoucheTuber.
Many other DoucheTubers have been inspired by JayStation's antics, such as N&A Productions and Stromedy.
by JoJo's Weird Journey April 10, 2020
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Bill: Hey, you know Jaystation?
Jack: Fuck him i hope he dies
by Dumbass bozo May 7, 2020
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A very bad YouTuber who makes the worst clickbait videos
Friend: have you seen JayStation's new Video?
Me: no i dont want to watch that shit youtuber
by IvanPlayz February 19, 2020
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A "Jaystat" is a generally far fetched doubtful and unlikely statistic or "fact' quoted by someone who thinks they know all the facts and answers to everything in the universe ever.

a Jaystat is mostly utter crap and is usually made up on the spur of the moment to make the rambling person appear to be incredibly smart, knowledgeable and better than you.

Usually the Jaystater will be called on this type of bullshit but occasionally they will get away with it if the stat is obscure enough. This in turn makes the statistician very smug.

on the other hand the statistician can become rather perturbed and upset if the Jaystat is proven or even assumed to be false. this causes the Jaystater to shake its head in frustration and perhaps slam its fist on the table indignantly or kick a chair.

Always beware of the Jaystat.
the Jaystater-

"yeah actually reason Goldfish float upside down when dead is that just before they die their system stores extra oxygen in their fins in an attempt to keep it upright. Then all that oxygen gets displaced when the fish dies and causes it to float to the surface of the water."

other person- "nah, really? nah are you kidding? thats weird. i've never heard of that... wait.. is that a Jaystat?!"
by hayis4horses September 26, 2009
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