a three way... version of 69
woah that was some 696 ladies...
by Kookamunga November 5, 2006
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696 is pronounced six ninety-six, not six-hundred ninety-six.

696 is an enhanced version of 69, but altered to accommodate a third person who cannot participate. This third person's presence may or may not be known.
1. I 696ed with my parents. While they 69ed I was jerkin it in the closet. (Unknown third person)

2. My bitch came over the other day, but she was on period, so instead I 69ed with someone else while she watched. (Known and extremely jealous third person)
by Mike MDMA February 27, 2007
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1.) A 3 digit number
2.) Oral sex with another person watching
3.) Simultaneous oral sex done six times in a certian time. Usually counted by the number of orgasms given off by one of the partners.
4.) Demonic sex.
1.) "If I multiply 6 times 116, I get 696."
2.) "Hey, me and my girl are gonna do a 696. Wanna join?"
- "I can only watch?... Awww..."
3.) "God, this 696 thing is a hard thing to try."
4.) "The pentagram and candles are finally finished. Now time to get this 696 going."
by BJ R. Johnson April 9, 2007
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Trippy 696 crew also known as the blood killers of central Alberta have a high rate of gang activity such as murder, armed robberies, possession of fire arms, and drug trafficking. This gang was formed in 1997 as a First Nations gang at the sunchild reserve in Alberta Canada. Leader Andy ferrier has had past time for criminal activity as a blood killer or GDK.

Summer of 2018 in red deer Alberta Canada a group of teens 12 to 23 were charged with attempted murder, battery, Possession of fire arms and racketeering. 16 jarett Phillips, 17 year old Cordell malka, 16 year old Colton Anderson, 14 year old Dolton Anderson, 15 year old Wyatt bake, 21 year old Andy ferrier, 19 year old nick freemark, 17 year old josh fedora were charged with gang ifiliation and battery against a 16 year old boy who was later pronounced dead at the scene. 16 year old jarett Phillips served 9 months of detention at Edmonton youth offender centre and has an extra 16 years in Bowden remand after April. Trippy 697 mafia is one of the most known First Nation gangs in Canada and is highly dangerous.
by Chilledice February 15, 2019
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a phone number you shouldnt call
the phone number 696-969-6969 called at 6:96 am, while I was 69ing
by Anonymous User 699 December 30, 2020
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A highway that runs between 10 and 11 mile road just north of Detroit in the suburbs. This highway is well known for the fact that cops don't pull speeders over. For this reason, locals push the cars made in their own city to their limits and drive as fast as they possibly can down this stretch of highway.
"How fast does this car go?"
"Exactly 138 miles per hour"
"How do you know the exact speed?"
"I couldn't quite get it up to 139 on I-696"
by Ksheets September 25, 2017
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The Find A Single hotline, especially for gay men.
Man 1: I need a fuckbuddy, I'm tired of those websites.
Man 2: Call this number! 1-800-696-9696
by its not cup! May 15, 2019
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