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A great friend with the exception that he can be a dick when he wants to be but you can't stay mad at him forever. He has our back when you need him and he's there when you're sad. Overall he needs to be more social and connect better with people.
Jess: Was that a friend of yours?
Me: Yeah, that was Dolton. He's a bitch.
by rose2202 February 08, 2018
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A mother fucking bitch over dinosaurs. Is popular with the bitches and sluts. Does not know the difference between boobs and man boobs.
Dude your a dolton, these are not boobs.
by babbielover July 24, 2015
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A pretty cool guy who enjoys playing video games. Not usually annoying, but can get there sometimes. Will never ever betray you. Sweet as fuck.
"Man, he loves video games AND he's sweet... he must be Dolton."
by spicymac January 03, 2017
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