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Literally the grossest most disgustingest and racist and aggressivest fire starting sexual act that can be done to a human being
Andy: Finn you don’t know what 139 is?
Finn: no I’m a good catholic boy
Dan: Finn it’s so bad dude
Joe: Finn don’t make me 139 you.
*everyobe proceeds to laugh except Finn cause he doesn’t know what it means.
by GotchyaFinn May 29, 2018
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the comeback pitt fans use whenever wvu fans taunt them about how the mountaineers are better. first used on december 1st, 2007, when the 4-7 pitt panthers upset the bcs #2 west virginia mountaineers in the backyard brawl 13-9, denying them of a chance to play for their first national championship in football.
west virginia fan: spitt sucks so bad west virginia always kicks their ass
pitt fan: 13-9 bro
by vontez August 14, 2011
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