This is what girls and boys do or maybe same gender even.
Omg Thomas is sooooo cute I want to 69 him.
by Simp James November 26, 2020
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69 bad
by January 25, 2021
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It's a 69 interrupted by a period.
Me and my girl tried having a 69 last night, but her Aunt Flo unexpectedly came by, so it ended up being a 6.9.
by Pudge from Brockton, MA January 26, 2021
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Not simply a sexual position or a nice pleasing number.

It actually is THE BEST sexual position and number. Why? Not only is it a lot of fun but it stands for equally giving and receiving pleasure. It's about total satisfaction for both persons without reservations. Insofar is the YING and YANG of sexual pleasure and actually everything that sex stands for. Pleasure for all parties involved.

But just getting in position and "doing the deed" is not enough. It's about trust and feelings and emotions and accepting the equal standing as well as lack of egoism. If you are only motivated my lust, by the drive to find satisfaction without equal thoughts for the partner then you are achieving anything but total and equal satisfaction for all. Because then you are just selfish and will never find what everybody is looking for.

Therefore it's not just sex and a bodily activity. It's also the thoughts and mindset behind it. The pleasure of actually satisfying the other person should be equal (or higher) than your own. If both parties participate in this most pleasurably activity with this mindset, then time will fly and the happiness overflow you. In more than one sense.

Anybody looking at this position as just foreplay or one position out of many will not really achieve the best outcome possible.
"We only had 69 this morning."

"'ONLY???' You participated in the best sexual ritual there is for all and should embrace it for what it stands for! Perfection and equal satisfaction for all involved."
by ChocolateOf69 January 22, 2021
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In century 21th , the students believe that 69 is a sexual number.

69 it's the visual of the 6 and 9 being bodies. The loop on the 6 and 9 are the heads and heads have faces that have mouths. The positioning of the faces appears to be at midpoint of the bodies where your genitals are located hence the mouth is facing the other body's genitals. You can figure it out from there.

Ok now you know this but please don't be a dirty minded person and live your life.
(*students giggling*)
by sakura.b13 November 03, 2019
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by MagicGamerBoy January 14, 2021
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