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A hybrid sexual act that is a combination of a golden shower and a 69er.

This can be performed by a couple of any sex and sexuality so long as they have the ability to urinate and enjoy the warm, tangy taste of their partners urine. Many people like to reduce their water intake during the day and perform the act at night so that the urine is suitably "golden". For females, it is often better to be on top as it is more difficult to control the flow rate and direction of urine emanating from the vagina. It is essential to have a full bladder before starting.

This sexual act is typically performed in the bath or on a protective tarpaulin so as not to make your sheets or carpet soggy and/or smelling of urine.
"Hey babe, I have a full bladder, I am crazy horny and I want to be covered in your piss - shall we do a golden 69?"
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by Azbo The Great! March 09, 2017
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