Minneapolis'(Minnesota) area code. People often call Minneapolis "tha 612".
"Tha club is up in tha 612"
by omgmary April 30, 2006
Fuck 12 gang , based in the EU
Nigga mess with 612 you go get popped
by 612F12 May 16, 2019
How come you can see so much and so many times ? Not fair 😕 🥰

And you are killing me ....... , you know the 🌞 ......, you know ......

I need your help, you remember?

Break the silence, for us 🫂

I miss you so much, and I love you, my sweet love ❤️
612 ...... I will be waiting for you, until my last breath, and until then, you have my heart ❤️
by Rollercoster #16 July 19, 2022
When a guy pops a hard on resembling that of a clock's hands going from 6 to 12 (midnight). Another expression for erect penis.
Dude did you see that hot chick walk by? I'm def. six twelve-ing it.

When she's dancing like that on me, I can't help but pop a 612
by sageberry420 August 31, 2010
When you see something so orgasmic (like walking into a bar and seeing your entire league of kickball teams playing flip cup on 8 different tables, or Bar Rafaeli naked) that you feel as excited as you do when you get hard. Thus, you go from the 6 position (on a clock) to the 12 in your head, hence going from 6 to 12, or just 612. Other uses: 612 mafia - for all those in the know.
Dude, when I saw the Red Sox hit 4 straight homers that one year, yea, 612. But last night when I was too drunk to get it up, I couldn't even get to 630. Good thing too, she was ghastly.
by HomodadNo May 1, 2009
The number expressing black dick
Row: Dude, did you see that fat ugly 612
Dan: Yeah man it was f***** ugly
by I Stalk u June 12, 2010
The awesomest white rap group out there. Made up of a bunch of redneck gangsters in a hotel room in NC
Hey billy!, ya'll goin out to the farm tonight to see room 612 tonight? Yeah buddy i blast there strangs on my tractor!
by dj shadow moses April 6, 2011