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when you encounter the work of a certain band, athelete, celebrity, fauxlebrity, or anybody of the sort that you take to and scour the internet for more work or information from this gripping personality. Checking their twitter, looking on their non-micro blogs, checking out photos, wikipedia page, myspace, and youtube videos. Also known as stalking by internet.
Dude 1 (After watching transformers)- Before I fapped off to her, I totally practiced internet worship on Megan Fox. I went all over youtube and google images and read her wikipedia page and all that shit before I passed out wanking to her FHM shoot.

Dude 2- Yo sounds cool. Promise me you want stalk her and/or murder and rape anybody as a product of the stalking.

Dude 1- All best are off bro, I'm high on internet worship.
by el hombre 123 June 27, 2009
A great fucking decade. There was the classic old dial up internet, good cartoons, movies, music, sex, drugs, culture, tv, etc. Typically considered the hangover of the party 80's, but if the 90s was a hangover then I'd get drunk every night just to get a hangover.
Example 1:

From good nickelodeon and cartoon network to Austin Powers to Oasis to the pre 9/11 NYC and world in general, the 90's were the last great years in history.

Example 2:

Greatest things about the 1990s:

by el hombre 123 June 26, 2009
Ex 1- A tragic incident at Columbine High School in 1999 where two assholes shot innocent students.

Ex 2- Adj or Noun. Describes a pyscho with intent to kill and/or a person with an obsession with violent video games, crushed dreams, loserdom, and weapons.
Ex 1.- Oh my god, its been 10 years since Columbine? What an awful moment in history, God bless the victims and their families.

Ex 2.- Holy shit check out that acne faced virgin trying to become a level 12 paladin on World of Warcraft! He's so columbine. Dude's got massive issues. Is he wearing Birkenstock?!
by el hombre 123 June 27, 2009
The act of getting some pussy or head. Getting your penis wet with spit or pussy juice. Getting some ass, getting girls, etc.

A much more fun way of saying, I'm tryna to get laid, or tryna mac tonight.
kid watching friend make out with girl: YO SON GET YO D WET!!

kid 1: let's hit the club tonight
kid 2: wordddd, time to get my d wet, I'm lookin fresh as hell tonight
by el hombre 123 October 8, 2010
jizz, jizzum, cum, splooge, man chowder, baby gravy, cream, cream of man...

ex- Imagine a condom is a pie and imagine that filling is gooey man fluid.

To be painfully obvious- jizz is what fills a condom, therefore its condom filling, kiddies!
Ex- Wow dude Sammi's BJ was so fucking good that I could help painting her face with my condom filling.
by el hombre 123 June 27, 2009
a troubled time for america and the world, a good time for music and culture, and the decade every older music fan and every younger wannabe pines for.
ex 1-

dude 1- Hey Jimi Hendrix was the greatest music icon of the 60s!

dude 2- damn fucking straight.

ex 2.-

14 year old wearing The Who t-shirt- Yeah the 60s mofo!!! That's my shiznit.

actually guy who lived through the 60s- Fuck off you punkling.
by el hombre 123 July 8, 2009
an acting great who was huge in the 80s with hits like Diner and Barfly, crapped out in the 1990s after quitting acting for boxing, did Sin City reprising his movie villian speciality, and acted his heart out in the 2008 movie, "The Wrestler". He played a heartbreaking character named Randy "The Ram" Robinson, whose story resembles his own, gave the performance of a lifetime and was recognized for it.
Example 1: Mickey Rourke deserved the Oscar for best actor, he raped in that movie!

Example 2:

dude who doesn't like mickey rourke: Mickey Rourke blows!

Mickey Rourke- (kicks dudes ass)
by el hombre 123 June 26, 2009