References a post on a messageboard that is seen as a troll thread. This thread is then given a rating out of 10. The generic troll thread receives a 6/10, which has led to 6/10 being synonymous with 'this guy isn't serious'
by Jose Jones the 7th December 7, 2005
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term used to describe something that is an over exaggeration. When a story, or fact, is taken and stretched in truth to form something new. Directly compairing the exaggeration to the act of rounding seen in mathmatics- (i.e.) taking the number "6" and rounding it to a "10." similar to the term 6g
"That statement is a total 6-10; Ken hasn't been offered a job yet..he's going in for the interview this week."
by ZDanger December 12, 2006
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that one day when Rena Nicole Lerner and David Arias started dating, they are still very on and off. They are supposingly friends but when they are seen people mistake them for a couple.
yo me and Latifa broke up but our aniversary's kinda like 6-10-17
by Big DAVE May 22, 2018
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The most amazing day ever. The day that will change your life forever.
That was like as good as 6-2-10 man!
The day they met Evan was 6-2-10.
Dude! The waves were just like 6-2-10
by makeAsplash January 20, 2011
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Police radio code meaning busy.

Commonly used when a Police Officer takes a shit at the Police Department for a long period of time and does not want to be dispatched to a call.
Police Officer: “Dispatch show me 10-6 at the Police Department.”

Dispatch: “ Copy. Showing you 10-6.”

Dispatcher thinking: (Man that cop has been going 10-6 a lot at the police department. He must be taking a shit.)
by Dickcisselbird1991 September 10, 2019
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When a girl looks like a dime from the back (i.e. Her "6 o'clock) but is actually unattractive from the front
"Did you end up sealing the deal with that girl at the bar?"

"No. When I walked up, she ended being a 6 o'clock 10."
by Mgorm1 September 24, 2014
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a sexual act where there are 4 locations, 6 positions, 8 continuous hours and at least 10 times of sex.
mfn-"i can't believe we just did the 4-6-8-10."
tb-"it's crazy, i mean, we did it in the kitchen, the bath tub, on the wall and on the stairs."
mfn-"not just that but we did in 6 different positions!"
tb-" but fuck, 8 hours is a long time..."
mfn-"it had to have been at least 10 times."
by Jae S. September 23, 2007
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