A term used to describe members of the opposite sex, that are the “least attractive” yet still bangable if nothing else presents itself prior to last call. With a typical last call being at 1:50 am and bar closing at 2am, those still on the hunt at 1:59am must make their final choices. Those chosen are official members of the 1:59 Club.
“Yo, what about her? Nah man, she’s in my 1:59 Club at best...”

“Ugh...that guy...he is sweet and all, but def 1:59 only.”
by Buster Highamen November 17, 2019
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A fucking 7 teacher with super shiney bald head.
The sunlight reflected on 59's head made me blind.
by Mymamaisgay November 9, 2019
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Like 69 but, only half way(soley head). The 5 stands for someone on their knees, and the 9 for the receiver.
"What were y"all up to last night?"
"Madeline gave that devine 59."
by 0live9reen August 29, 2021
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Having sexual relations with a person in a wheelchair. If you look at the handicapped sign in restrooms, it looks like a five. So, similar to the 69, this would be the 59, and you're fucking a dude in the wheelchair.
Me: Tbone, did you hear that Scooter took Margaret out and wined her, dined her, and 59'd her?

Tbone:. You been 69'd her?

Me:. Nah that freak is in a wheel chair .He 59'd her.
by TheCav August 16, 2019
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A virtual world often referred to in video games where homosexuals/transgenders/outcasts often gather together in order to further their un-worldly views and/or engage in sexual activities with multiple parties.
After work tonight do you wanna try out World 59 and have some fun?
by TheUnknowns October 15, 2020
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