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Removing a catalytic converter from a car in order to make it sound faster than it is. Can land you with a Section 59 if the police check under the car.
“That car behind me is deafening, is it an AMG?”

Nah bro, just another idiot who decided to straight pipe his golf.”
by 3Serie March 21, 2023
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The art of lowering one’s car into 2nd or 3rd gear and flooring it to show another car who is boss.
“This Fiesta ST thinks he’s hot shit doesn’t he.”

“You’re in a BMW bro, just drop a gear and disappear!”
by 3Serie March 20, 2023
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A notice issued by police in the United Kingdom when seizing someone’s car, usually as a result of dangerous driving, or for having illegal modifications.
“Do you think they can tell if my car is mapped?”

I don’t know bro, but if they can, they’ll probably give you a Section 59.”
by 3Serie March 21, 2023
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An ordinary looking vehicle with police modifications, usually found at nighttime on motorways. Common vehicles include 3 and 5 Series BMW, the X5, Skoda Octavia VRS, and the Seat Cupra Leon. Will normally stick to the speed limits, unlike most people who drive this type of vehicle.
“Bro there’s a black 5 series up there and he looks pretty fast, I’d bet my ass he’s an unmarked car.”
by 3Serie March 21, 2023
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An expensive item, usually a car, which is paid for monthly on finance. They can’t really afford it, but they only care about having the latest stuff, so brag about it.
“Did you see Owen in that Mercedes? I thought he only laid brick for a living.”

Yes mate I did, that’s definitely going to be on the drip.”
by 3Serie May 2, 2023
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