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When a female while performing a handjob, takes out a container of mustard, squirts it on the penis, and begins to jerk it.
1. "Man, it got so raunchy last night with Heather, she even gave me a jiffy lube.

2. Q. "How far did you go with Grace last night bromontana?"

A. "You won't believe it but she gave me a jiffy lube when we got back to my house."
by BrendoBot August 1, 2010
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When a woman lies sideways on top of a man, bellybutton on bellybutton, and jerks the man off with one hand, and forces her other hand in the mans face and mouth, to the point of exhaustion.
1. "Dude, it got really nuts last night with Michelle, she actually winded up giving me a 59."

2. "I couldn't believe it but i saw this video of Paris Hilton giving this dude a 59. It was intense."
by BrendoBot August 1, 2010
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While making out, one of the kissee's goes to insert their finger into the other persons anus, without the other persons consent, and always to their surprise.
1. Q. "So what happened last night after you took Jessica home?"

A. "Oh my god dude, after we got home we started making out on her couch, then all off a sudden she gave me a 747."
2. "Man this Michelob makes me feel like somebody just gave me a 747."
by BrendoBot August 1, 2010
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