A man that keeps his dick in his jeans, untill the weekend comes and he wips it out on Sunday, and takes care of his lady. He treats his dick like a classic car, only out on the weekends.
Hey man its the weekend, yes it is time to take out the "57 Chevy" and satisfy my woman.
by Mr Fritter November 3, 2011
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A gun used in call of duty black ops 2. this is a fully automatic machine gun. the different sights you can have are target finder, millimeter scanner, dual band, red dot, reflex, holographic, and the iron sight.
my favorite is the millimeter scanner (MMS) sight with the silencer on the PDW-57. Because the MMS sight can look through walls so it makes it easier to shot the enemies.

BTW im a girl
by kc kemp April 2, 2013
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"Area 57'ing" an unsuspecting foe is very similar to pulling off a Ninja Shitblast. The only difference is that you execute the Ninja Shitblast with at least 4 other friends and then you top it off by dropping an M-80 in the bowl. When the unsuspecting foe comes home, the only logical explanation for the foul smelling travesty will be an Alien invasion.
Last year I Ninja Shitblasted my ex-girlfriend's toytie after I walked in on her and my dad slapping asses during my high school graduation party. Pops has always wanted to remodel his master bath so I thought I'd Area 57 it this year for Father's Day.
by DC June 16, 2004
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A common sexual maneuver that originated in "the tilly" where a man unloads his baby batter inside a woman and afterwards has her hover over the toilet and drain as much of his man juice out of her as possible while smacking the back like a Heinz 57 bottle.
Friend1: "Yo Travis, I heard you took Angie home last night and hit it raw"

Friend2: "Hell yeah brah, I just pulled a Heinz 57 after I was done"
by Tyrone Kizzaps March 12, 2007
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wherein the act of vaginal penetration creates a sound not unlike that of direct fist contact with a half-empty ketchup bottle directly on the 57. In uncouth circles, this is referred to as a queef.
"I don't want to fuck you too hard, you might Heinz 57".
by Heinz Catsup January 4, 2009
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The offspring of an inter-racial couple, a bashtard, and a disgrace
Dang yo..this little brat is a heinz 57..the brat and his mother is a disgrace to the white/chinese/black communities.
by Sherman February 9, 2005
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