The 57 refers to a hungarian pub named 57. This became popular among teens in Hungary, and became a meme for no literal reason.
- Yo dude, I'm going to the 57 for a drink, you wanna come?
- Ah yes, the funny pub. Of course I'm coming.
by istiy January 29, 2021
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57 is in reference to the Heinz "57 varieties" of ketchup. The bottled version of their ketchup doesn't pour easily, so you must tap the bottle on the 57 logo to pour ketchup more easily. When someone is having a hard time getting ketchup out they are given the advice "you must tap the 57". Because of this, in recent days, people have been using the number "57" in place of the word tap; usually replacing tap when the sexual meaning of the word is implied. It can also be found tattooed as a tramp stamp on some women as a subtle cue to "tap that ass".
That girl across the room is so hot I would definitely 57 that booty.
by Ben to the B November 30, 2006
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the new 69. Inspired by a list of top qualities in a guy. Number 5 & 7 on the list being
5. They know that to keep a woman around, they have to stimulate ALL of her senses – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Good guys can satisfy a woman’s needs in every aspect of life and beyond.
7. Make love to a woman’s soul at the same time as her body. Merging with her soul is their ultimate goal…not just a mere orgasm.
Think every girls Ryan Gosling fantasy.

Also called taking her to the Meadow. Named after the girl who inspired this new level of hotness.
I could go for some 57 tonight, yeah he's hot he could totally take you to the meadow girl!
by lil' g June 4, 2012
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IN BRIEF: Short for 'Heinz 57'

1. A person that's a born mixture or known mixture of at least 2 or more differernt races.

2. A dog that's a mixed breed.
Obama is a brother most definitely, but at the same time he's a 57.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant December 10, 2009
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57: the act of a woman on her period holding he lover from the ankles behind her while the lover licks the anus
(oh sally i love the poo bfrom our 57 on the face)
by yocrow February 7, 2011
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A really long blowjob :O
Usually done by Katees.
Guy 1: DUDEE! I just got a 57.
Guy 2: Who did it?
Guy 1: The usual katee, DUH!
by alexandraandkatee May 4, 2008
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a woman having her period holds the lover by the ankles behind her while standing and the lover will eat her butthole out then when the llover is finished the woman throws the lover onto the ground forcing death
the most feared sex act of all mankind is the dreaded 57
by cory lyndon June 3, 2011
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