A common sexual maneuver that originated in "the tilly" that involves a drunk male assuring an even drunker female that he in indeed wearing a jimmy hat. Once he's finished unloading his baby batter inside her and breaks the news to her, he has her hover over the toilet and drain as much of his man juice out of her as possible while smacking the back of her head like a Heinz 57 bottle.
Friend1: "Yo Travis, I heard you took Angie home last night and hit it raw"

Friend2: "Hell yeah brah, I just pulled a Heinz 57 after I was done"
by Tyrone Kizzaps March 9, 2007
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This is a story of teenagers of mid and late 20’s who for unknown reason gathered together to harm an individual man who is living his life peacefully.

The known number of the group is four. Two girls and two boys. The orientation of three individuals of the group is unknown.

The man had a relationship with one of the girls of the group. He loved her so much. A pure love that even with the girl’s fluctuations, did not change.

Moving forward, the group decided to play mind games with the man for unknown reason/s. The man is a straightforward man. He faces them with his discovery, but due to their youth egos they did not confess.

The man has known the two boys very well. So he tried warning his ex-girlfriend about the risk she’s getting into, but again the foolish ego will not let her listen.

The man was hurt. He’s lost noticeable weight that his family started to question him. He’s suffering from a tremendous pain that his ex caused for him and he hope that if all of this was her revenge for the past relationship that didn’t go well, if this outrageous attacks because of the harm he did to her in the past, then ok. He’ll walk away and disappear forever.

The man really hopes his ex becomes careful and focus on her bright future ahead of her.

As for the rest of the scumbags of the group the man has no emotions for them. They represent nothing other than a risk to his ex that the man still don’t know how to convince her to stay away.

17 57 721
17 57 721 be careful.
by 57 16 721 47 17 April 3, 2022
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A longbeach "gang" that trys to ride on Orange County. They are combodians and phillaphenos that starts shit with OC gangs. They're known for hitting girls and getting their hats stolen in fights and rumbles. They carry around weapons such as knives and straps,but they're too pussy to use it. 57 known as 'Supreme team' are just a bunch of wannabes that get ride on but OC gangs.
Damn you hear those supreme team 57 guys hit a girl? We stole their hats at the fight
by all of OC November 28, 2010
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It is referred to a person who has contracted the coronavirus thrice since the math can prove this statement

3×(covid -19)= 3 covid-57
Example : "Brazilian president , Jair Bolsonaro has contracted 3 covid-57 "
Example :

Bob: "The Brazilian president , Jair Bolsonaro has contracted the coronavirus thrice"
Jacob:"No, he has 3 covid-57"
by joelpotatochipsoats July 29, 2020
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Perception of the nature of an event after it has happened. Not to be confused with "hindsight", heinz sight is 57, not 2020.

(Coincidentally, Heinz has 57 varieties.)
"Damn dude, I shouldn't have jumped my snowmachine over the house."
"Well you know what they say, heinz sight is 57."
by BongRipper3000 April 28, 2017
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2+2=4 and 2 upside down looks like a 1 so 4+1=5 and 5+2=7 so 2+2=-57
"Whats 2+2= class?" "Teacher 2+2=57"
by ArmstrongDev November 11, 2021
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The hardest crew in New York City. An eclectic mix of street lurkers, punks, heshers, deadbeat dads, graffiti writers, skinheads, criminals, and other dregs of society.
Hot Crew 57. NYC.
by Bigdaddykango January 25, 2010
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