The best excuse to justify drinking/getting wasted whenever, wherever. Also works for "It's 4:20 somewhere" (although neither are necessarily always true).
"It's only half past 12, but I don't care...It's 5 o'clock somewhere." -Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett ("It's 5:00 somewhere")

Kathy: "Stu. It's 9 AM. Get your lazy ass to work."
Stu: "Haha I'm fucking wasted bitch. I just polished off that fifth of Jack over there."
Kathy: "What the fuck are you doing getting drunk at 9 in the morning? When you get fired what how are we going to feed our poor starving little children?"
Stu: "Shut up bitch, it's 5:00 somewhere. Don't blow my buzz."
by Nick D October 13, 2003
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Its when you are at work and you had a big lunch....then you have to take a dump just before you leave. The 5:00 deuce!
Where is Jason? he is taking a 5:00 deuce!
by Dward6351 February 3, 2012
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Time that comes after Beer :30
Man-Hey what time is it ?

Dude-I looked about a Hour and a half ago so it must be Joint to 5:00
by troubledemon March 17, 2010
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