Its an event where you play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 from 5 p.m to 5 a.m. with no stops.
Hey dude lets have the 5 to 5 at your house next week.
by CODman December 11, 2009
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Also refers to level of orientation in a neurological/psychiatric exam. Five by five means that you are oriented to (your)name, place (where you are), time, day/date, and year/current President. A way of saying that you're alright, everything's cool.
Dood- are you allright, that was one ugly wreck.

It's cool, I'm five by five.
by anoynymous April 23, 2004
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when you have beat street ass dining hours at college and you get hungry at midnight so you scam p-romeo's into taking dominos' 5-5-5 3 medium 1 topping pizza deals and you split it with 2 other stu's for 6 bucks a peice
guy 1: yo, za's is closed what should we do?
guy 2: yo 5-5-5
guy 3: aight.
by AY from the NJ May 9, 2005
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Short for "5 by 5" meaning "loud and clear." Also used to mean "I'm okay" per Faith (Eliza Dusku), the dark slayer on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.
"I hear you five-by-five."

"I'm five-by-five with that."
by rich brown August 13, 2004
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on the 5 is talking about the 5 point star. It is used by gangs named the Vice Lords and Bloods. These two gangs worship the 5 point star. So indtead of sayin on my momma, they say on the 5.
by Imabeast May 30, 2008
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when a short white girl meets silly mexican
dude they are so <5
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