Taehyun 4th gen vocalist
Taehyun 4th gen vocalist
by Yeondi January 20, 2021
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Taehyun Kang of TXT (mostly known as 4th Gen Leaders)
"At first he reached no more than 2 octaves, but now he is more advanced (experienced) " - Taehyun's teacher talking about how a trainee thought he was autotuned but he wasn’t and his vocal teacher is so proud of him as 4th Gen Vocalist.
by LumiMoa March 5, 2021
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Kang Taehyun of TOMORROW X TOGETHER is known for his amazing voice and being able to hit high notes without much difficulty. "4th Gen Vocalist" is a title created by MOAs / Moments of Alwaysness for Kang Taehyun.
"Who's that fine man hitting the high note in 20cm?"
"That is Kang Taehyun of TOMORROW X TOGETHER."
"4th Gen Vocalist indeed."
by tyunisode1 December 30, 2022
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The 4th gen best vocalist is Choi Jongho, member of Ateez since 2018.

He is known to have a powerful voice and incredible high notes. He recently performed Wonderland in kingdom with a # B5 which is a soprano note, it is the fourth highest note in an octave. (Let me add that he was wearing a corset while performing)

His most famous high notes are from Immortal Songs, you definitely have to go see.

He is always there to let everyone see that his microphone is on, a true King.
"Who is the 4th gen best vocalist?

-It's Choi Jongho ! "
by jjongcherryboo April 24, 2021
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The 4th generation's main vocalist who can hit low and high notes so effortlessly and sing so beautifully is no other than Kim Seungmin from the kpop group Stray Kids (who is the 4th gen leader). Kim Seungmin is known for having a natural voice that is unique and attractive and also has a mesmerizingly style of singing
Woah isn't that the 4th gen main vocalist, Kim Seungmin?

Kim Seungmin is indeed the 4th gen's main vocal look at him perform a difficult choreo and still manage to sound so stable
by dandyboyseungmin November 18, 2020
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Stray Kids’ main vocalist Kim Seungmin! He has an enchanting powerful voice his live vocal stability is insane. You can never get enough of his voice it’s so calming. Seungmin’s singing is quite special in a way that when you listen to him you can feel the music. Seungmin is also an amazing dancer and is quite a cool rapper too. He is always working hard to improve and take care of his vocals. He just never disappoints.
“that’s kim seungmin!”

“oh yeah he’s the 4th gen best vocalist
by seungstarss February 21, 2021
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