An ethereal being sent from the Heavens. An actual, literal, majestically magnificent angel with a voice as sweet as honey. He shines brighter than any celestial body in the universe. He IS the universe. His face is impeccably pristine and quintessential.
Kang Taehyun from TXT is a blessing to this Earth.
by breathememesonly June 4, 2019
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a very talented person, cute, smart and has the prettiest smile . his smile make you feel like home, just like the feeling of the safeness and warmness after you win your battle.
1-you saw kang taehyun? you will never be like him.

2-you saw kang taehyuns smile? i feel like im in the heaven.
by tyunbestboy September 12, 2020
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is someone who you can be always proud of
-kang taehyun? he is the hope of k industry !.
-kang taehyun? he is the best person ever!
by tyunbestboy September 12, 2020
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pointy boi. everything about him is pointy. his eyes, his nose, his beautiful teefs. even his voice and his words are pointy. he is so fucking beautiful. i could listen to him sing for days.

he is tiny. kind of. he is most likely a minor deity visiting this mortal realm. his simps wanna eat his teeth please do not tell him this.

he is very cute.
"hey, you know Kang Taehyun from TOMORROW X TOGETHER?"
"hell yeah i do, he's ruining my life"
by etae_ June 26, 2021
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Well Kang Taehyun is a member from Tomorrow x Together more known as (TXT) most people love him and i get it HE IS GORGEOUS GO STAN HIM RN (but my bias is yeonjun) GO STAN ALL OF THEM
Friend 1: oo~ he cute *points to Kang Taehyun on the screen*

Friend 2: Ehh
Me: *glares* miss girl i think you need to get you little eyes checked no sir!

(yeah can’t find a better gif)
by BiasisJungkook. February 2, 2021
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Kang Taehyun is beautiful.
Kang Taehyun should notice me😇
by k.taehyung January 18, 2022
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So taehyun is the best thing to describe the best person, and some features :

-best vocalist

-hits his members

-young but very powerful

-likes to hit someone with a camera thingy

Taehyun is also known as King taehyun and more
by December 1, 2021
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