Kang Taehyun is a very talented and beautiful member of the group TXT.
He has a honey-like voice with a very calming effect. Not only is he a wonderful singing but also an amazing dancer. Taehyun is very good at pretty much everything and is shockingly smart. He used to be a boxer, can grip 60kg with one hand and could put you into a five decade sleep if you breathe the wrong way. Taehyun is also very funny and has the most precious laugh on this planet. If you're ever sad, just look at him smiling and your day will brighten up immediately. Kang Taehyun is so beautiful that he looks good from every single angle to exist.

When Taehyun is performing it's simply mesmerizing. Once you fall for his charms there's no turning back.
Yoora: Nana, you're such a simp for Taehyun
Nana: No, I'm not. Taehyun is just very talented and adorable.
Yoora: Omg, simp
by UrFavSimp July 1, 2020
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Kang Taehyun, the adorable boy we all love from the band TXT. (TomorrowxTogether)
Did you see Taehyun in TXT's Vlive??He was so cute.
Taehyun during their live performance was everything
by uwuuwuowoowoTXT April 23, 2019
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An AMAZING, MARVELOUS person who has a voice that makes your soul shake like a cacoon ready to bloom a butterfly. He's a really handsome, sassy, funny, savage, member in TXT. If he's not your bias, he'll be your BIAS WRECKER. Other than being cute, he's HOT, with his boxing skills, along with his perfectly muscular, firm, sexy body. He's IRRESISTIBLE, AAAGGHH, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ❤ Also, really love his honesty.
Girl 1: Oh. My. Gosh. What is this sound that's touch my body and soul?

Boy 1: * sigh * That's Taehyun singing 😍

Girl and Boy: Waaahh~
by MyLoverTXT March 29, 2022
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Man who is super cute, sexy, sweet, smart, and loves tiny sae. He is known for sweet nam and dongtan yugyo boy. He always does his best at his studies and work, and sometimes crave for having a good time with sae. He suffers from sae's obession and toxic love. kak kak
Kim Taehyun byeong jang nim,,,,
Taehyun ssam, do you have any question?
by Saeni February 3, 2022
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Taehyun (TxTae) is a member of the beloved kpop group TXT. He is known dor being cute and his creepy big eyes that give you nightmares. We still love him tho.
Did you see Taehyuns new picture?
Yes I did. He creeped me out.
by Soobinlover23 May 19, 2021
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his vocals outsold 👍👍👍
you: taehyun
me: taehyun
by kang taehyun’s gf September 11, 2021
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you: you’re the #1 taehyun stan right?
me: yes ofc he’s my bf
by kang taehyun’s gf October 4, 2021
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