a little cute puppy who’s voice is just like heaven. he’s so caring and he’ll make ur day better just by smiling.
person 1: hey i just seen a video of this man named kim seungmin on my tl. do u know him??

person 2: of course know him. he’s my bias in stray kids!! he’s really kind and he makes me feel really soft and warm.

person 1: oh really? actually, i’ve been thinking about stanning stray kids for a while.

person 2: YES OMG DO IT!! u won’t regret it i promise. and stream back door
by vampygay October 16, 2020
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Seuungmin is really an adorable guy. That helps everyone, even though you can't hug him but everytime you see him in the social media you'll feel how warm his hug is. And a very talented person aswell. His duality is fr powerful af
Is that Kim Seungmin?

Yes he is!
He is really talented!
by imfreatingadonut November 22, 2021
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Main vocalist of the kpop group called stray kids. He’s 4th generations most talented singer. Seungmin reaches the highest notes very easily and his harmonizing is always on point. Not to mention his visuals are...no joke. In conclusion ur hot if you stan him.
Kim seungmin is the most perfect person to ever exist.
by Sngminslover June 20, 2021
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Underrated member of popular South Korean band named "Stray Kids". A literal sunshine. Definition of ':D'. Extremely talented in vocals, dance, rap(?) and of course visuals. The most normal member of Stray Kids (?) Deserves more attention. Also a puppy and a chef (?)
"Kim Seungmin's aegyo is so cute!"
"Seungmin is so savage, I love him"
by THE Kang Taehyun January 4, 2023
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Kim Seungmin is one of the best vocalist in kpop also who can rap faster than the all kpop industry ALSO a dancer who always dancing in powerfull mode
People: omg who's Kim Seungmin?

Me: Kim Seungmin is one of the best vocalist in kpop also who can rap so fast ALSO who can dance powerfull too.
by Fayriezz January 6, 2022
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Best dandy boy

He’s able to cure the following: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, EVEN CANCER
Stay 1: when I first saw Kim Seungmin my depression disappeared

Stay 2: that’s the dandy boy affect
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