4th gen leaders are of course the one and only TXT (tomorrow by together) an amazing boy group under big hit entertainment that consists of:


+Keep in mind the only 4th gen it boy is yeonjun

They debuted on March 4th 2019 with crown which is an absolutely beautiful song taht deserves a crown.
Human1:- who are the 4th gen leaders
Human2:- don't ask stupid questions of course it is txt
by Moa0304 November 18, 2020
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A term to describe the group TOMORROW X TOGETHER. TXT consists of 5 members who can all rap, sing, and dance!
"Did you hear TOMORROW X TOGETHER'S debut song 'CROWN' made TXT the first ever 4th gen boygroup to reach 100M streams on Spotify?"
"Yes! TXT are 4th gen leaders of K-POP"
by 5unoos May 9, 2021
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Txt has definitely proved themselves as leaders of 4th gen, many idols are inspired and looks up to them, it’s no doubt that txt is the most popular 4th gen bg in Korea and Japan which is shown very clearly in the charts but they are now also the best charting 4th gen group on bb, they achieved entering multiple bb200 and even debuted txts Japanese album still dreaming on bb200 making them the 2nd kpop act in history to do so, They are popular in kpop in Korea which is something 4th gen bgs don’t have, I think being known in Korea should come first but other groups can’t seem to please the Korean market like txt especially now that txt is growing in Korea and Japan at a rapid rate it might be very hard for 4th gen bgs to get big. Txt are very unique and don’t follow the dark sexy concepts with the chains and noise music, they’re original and have extremely creative concepts like no other bg, they know how to experiment and try new music genres like pop and rock, none of their songs sound the same and are all unique and amazing which is something 4th gen lacks in my eyes. People will downgrade txt cause of their seniors and pull a privilege card on them which doesn’t make sense because all of 4th gen is privileged, they all debuted in the prime time of bts bp exo twice...whatever you say against txt will not change the fact they are leading 4th gen along with ggs.
Oh look everyone! It’s txt 4th gen leaders!!!

Now deal with it
by Jennieslove March 4, 2021
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a term used to describe the k-pop boy group 'TXT', consisting of 5 all-rounders that produce and write their songs, as well as sing, rap and dance.
“ did you see txts new mv?”

“ yes oml 4th gen leaders ”
by emogyu August 21, 2021
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Stray Kids are the only male 4th gen leaders best known for their outstanding achievements, hella ass shaking and someone died weeping songs, hot gay cat lover, extremely impressive visuals.

Stray Kids has sold out tickets to their concerts around the world with thousands and thousands of fans attending the concerts each day. Stray Kids, known for their diehard beats and deadly amazing rap lines, what gives Stray Kids a unique flavor is the group's artistic talent in songwriting and producing their own music.

Stray Kids is the third K-pop group in history to chart at #1 on the Billboard 200 with their seven-track EP Oddinary. A MINI ALBUM DAWG, and mfs felt hella threatened and salty about it. Stray Kids are already one of the biggest and most successful musical acts in their home country of South Korea, and with each new release, they also reach larger and larger audiences all around the world.
Stray Kids ARE the 4th gen leaders
by skizleads July 3, 2022
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A 4th gen group that can lead by example and is respectable. AKA ATEEZ. ATEEZ is a Kpop group based in South Korean and they have 8 members.
“Y’all I Stan the 4th gen leaders!”

“You mean ATEEZ?”

“Yes ma’am
by Jungkook_Sugalover July 30, 2021
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