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'good games'. commonly used after a series of games. also well known as a closing statement used after playing many games. a farewell.
'hey viper we pwned this server full of n00bs, wanna find another server?'

'naw man, i'm done for tonight..'


by <-V-> d e c o y March 02, 2004
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green gardening service, a group of hardcore thugs that help children and preach anti-violence while still being gang bangers we rep the dub k and are environmentally friendly, HOLLA!!
Jam aica:GGS is a real MAN gang
Ill noise:hell yea im an OG
Jam aica:shit makes you wanna beat people up!!!
Ill noise:yea i would fight everyone possible if i was with the homies right now
Jam aica:same here! i would start kicking ass even if it was a baby!
Ill noise:yea id beat the shit out of a pregnant woman
by Jamaica+ ILLNOISE May 04, 2009
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ggs means 'go get screwed'and can be used for all sorts of reasons depending on the context of the chat.
HM: yeah watever...just ggs will u...
by Hiagi November 28, 2007
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Nerd 1: "WTF WHY DID U DDOS ME FOR MY AGS???? WTDF DUDE??!!!!!!!!!!!" | E-Thug 1: "GGS LMFAO############################# RIP BANK LOL CYA SLAVE"
by RuneScapeAnonymous July 11, 2010
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G-G's are those two items that popular male culture generally obsesses over. They are two fatty masses connected in the upper region of the female body. (Also known as broughs.) G-G's can be used for nursing, and/or can also make a shirt look good.
Your g-g's are getting in my way!
by g-g master December 11, 2010
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