When a woman's vagina has become so full of air during sex that she cannot help but make LOTS of noise during and after.
Guy: "What was that sound?"

Girl: "Oh, don't worry that's just my music box, keep going!"
by Oliver Scalia O'conner February 24, 2011
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A heavily underrated RPG maker horror game with great artwork and story.

You also witness Super Mario die in horrific ways most of the time.
In (Mario) The Music Box you play as Super Mario exploring a haunted mansion looking for answers to why people go missing inside. After finding a mysterious music box, the front door disappears and you must find your own way out, and Uncover clues and *LORE* along the way.
by The Partygoers! October 9, 2021
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Box music is a term that refers to what was once known as alternative music back in the 90's. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, etc. The reason why the term evolved was because in college, students would go outside to smoke, these students would sit around the "call box" used to call up to the dorm room for guests to be let in. These "box people" often listened to this genre of music, thus the term.
Everytime I see Matt, he is listening to that box music on his stereo.
by Twartacus April 26, 2006
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a insturment that the notes is made out of metal and the drum contains metal plucks called Pins to make the song of the music box itself
Ambience: Sankyo Music Box Plays "Rock-a-bye Baby"
Man: I Hear A Tune?
Woman: Whispering Oh Thats My 8 Month Old's ":Music Box (Insturment):" Playing
Man: defined Oh Uh Egh Okay
by GTKCF2023 July 21, 2023
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