a nicer way of asking to Literally Fuck the Shiznits out of someone else
Hey babe, Let's bang
by ridehardninja February 17, 2015
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to sit back get lost in the music and float away

don't change the music let it continue to play

let your gun off or to pop off

when you about to go in on a flow and there's a beat
babe can I change the channel

me :nah let it bang
by K.O.D.fromthe970 April 17, 2019
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A quick way to get a friend to have obnoxiously loud sex while still being friends
by altoid doe October 11, 2013
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“Let me bang, bro” was a phrase coined by Julian “Nitrane” Lane on season 25 of the UFC’s reality series “The Ultimate Fighter.” After losing his preliminary match, Lane was visibly upset over the course of the season and during a night of boozing and partying amongst the fighters, A heavily intoxicated Lane began demanding that his fellow housemates let him “bang.” While it is not entirely clear what Lane meant by this, it is speculated and widely believed that Julian wanted to engage in gay sexual intercourse with his fellow fighters.
“Let me bang, bro!”
How about tomorrow, pal?”
by High G. Rection June 24, 2018
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The gangsta term for poppin a cap in a niggaz ass
If i see these niggaz run up on the block ima let that 40 bang
by Flying donut hole February 29, 2016
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A phrase used to refer to a hangover that is accompanied by a splitting headache.
Bro, you a little bang let it hang this morning? Yeah dude, I'm never drinkin strawberry mellon wine coolers again.
by Mr. Ecko November 5, 2009
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