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A doctor practicing “alternative medicine” who leeches off the economy by tricking unintelligent people into thinking that they have “leaky gut syndrome”.

Half of the people who appear on Dr. Oz (with the other half being “spiritual doctors”).
Man, that gut doctor charged me $1000 for some bullshit supplements and gave me a fortune teller card as a thank you for scamming me.
by mihoyminoy July 7, 2019
The atomic number of Technetium, the lightest element with no stable isotope.

The age in which a virgin can achieve continuous orgasm.
Phyllis from the Office: “I never had an orgasm until I was 42. And when when I did it lasted until I was 44. 43 was just... I got nothing done.”
by mihoyminoy April 17, 2019
A cockmass-energy equivalence discovered by Albert Einstein in 1905. This relationship is quantified by the equation E = BD^2, with E as energy, B as big, and D as dick.
Einstein: *Does well in school*
Kid: Ha, that Einstein nerd has a chode!
Einstein decades later: *Invents Big Dick Energy equation to prove that this kid, in fact, is the one that has a chode*
by mihoyminoy May 24, 2019