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A popular new sex position originating from New Zealand in which the female ride's the male's penis as if she were riding a tricycle.
Guy 1: "heard you had a good time with Maddy last night"

Guy 2: "Yeah man, she rode me like a trike!"

Guy 1: "That's awesome, I might take up triking myself"
by naughtyhoge February 20, 2014
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When two lesbians include a third female person into their relationship. dike threesome lesbian threesome
I was hit on by a lesbian couple and they invited me over for some trike sex.
by Bruce the Masseuse April 7, 2018
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A group of 3 friends, where two of them are dating. Commonly known as third wheeling, a trike (n) is the actual group
Johnny and Julie wanted to hangout, but Sally wanted to come too. Julie warned Sally that it would be a bit of a trike.
by Mcgoogles122 May 27, 2016
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A device for people over the age of 48 who want to relive their yoof but are too much of a bitch to get a real bike.
I was going to buy a trike, but I actually like getting laid.
by DefinitelyNotGeneSimmons January 21, 2020
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Being lightly intoxicated. Less than drunk. Previously referred to as "buzzed".
Pat: "Rick, let's go to the Strip Club, you cool to drive?" Rick: "I'm just slightly triked, let's roll."

Rick: "Pat, you want another drink?"
Pat: "Yes please, I got a fat trike and want to maintain it".

Explanation: An alternate term to "buzz" or "buzzed" is now required due to the United States Ad Council Public Service Annoucement stating that Buzzed is now the same as Drunk, rendering the term useless: "Buzzed driving is drunk driving.", reference:
by SoggyPaka December 29, 2011
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to go on a date and invite a friend to tag along. said friend would be a trike, or trikin' it.
Nassim: yo john, you wanna come with me and claire to steak and shake?
John: whoa man, is there gonna be another girl, or am i gonna be the trike?
by jonbloodwort January 9, 2011
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