sickest day of the year. absolutely amazing. anyone born on this day is a god damn amazing person and you should give them a hug or something. if you have no friends that are born on 2nd december, you have a legal right to hug anyone you please
A: why did you hug me you dumb bitch
B: im lonely and its the 2nd december
Judge: yeah he has a right to, next case please
by DSi_Lite November 26, 2020
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If u dont respect your better half than this day will show it.
Do everything as your lover say and the other day switch.
Student: why u dont buy him this for 2nd December
Other student: because i dont love him
This means that u have to buy everything for only this day.
by Dontforgetaboutlove December 1, 2021
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2nd of December

The day good respectful children go to school because that is what their mother told them to do.
Koby: Hey mum, itโ€™s the 2nd of December so Iโ€™m going to go to school because Iโ€™m a courteous and upstanding hound student.

Mason: Yes Mother, I to shall be going to school as this is the right thing to do and I respect your decision as my primary caregiver.

Koby: here here!
by Kobyโ€™s a Butt November 26, 2019
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International Shit Day:
(Noun) Yearly Event:
At 1.PM Universal Time 2nd December, we all take a shit together. Weather in public or personal bathroom, you must save your shit, then dump it every year.
International Shit day (2nd December)
Fred: Bro, I gotta take a shit
Erik: No wait. Save it for the 2nd of December.
Fred: You know what, you're right!
Erik: Tell your friends to save their shit as well.
by YourLocalAnonymousPerson November 24, 2019
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The day when a boy must make a decision about his intentions on a girl. The day was named in honour of a date when famous Russian literature hero Vlad Gejushin, decided that he needs a woman he loves in his life and saved her from death.
Person1: Hmm Iโ€™m not sure. Do I need her?
Person2: Come on! Itโ€™s December 2nd you got to decide!
by MaxTheFisherman December 5, 2021
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On December 2nd itโ€™s a trend to not go to school. The goal is to see how what happens if no one goes to school 1 certain day to see what happens.
Hey do you know what December 2nd is?
by Pineapple2 October 29, 2019
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