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The person who always knows exactly what to say. He will be there through thick and thin even when you don't deserve it. His smile can make the greyest of days seem brighter and he makes you feel like no matter what happens he will support you. You'll never meet anybody like him again so hold on tight. Also he's sexy af so be careful not to look at him for too long cause you'll fall in love in two seconds
I met a boy on a plane named Koby.

I love him.
by Casss_123 November 05, 2015
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Oh my god words cant even describe Koby he is the best guy anyone could ask for!! He is sweet,nice, charming, loyal and did I mention HOT AF!?! Koby can win your heart in matter of seconds!! I know he did with me and I have been caught up with him ever since! He is so boyfriend material! His flirt game is off the charts and he definitiely has a KILLER BODY!! Watch out ladies because when there is koby is your life you want to hold on to him forever!
Girls: Man, did y’all see how cute koby looks today?

by Anonymous10000000000 November 22, 2018
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The ultimate package, athletic yet he's not he asshole jock. Koby is nice to everyone no matter what, has a temper and doesn't like to lose. Koby is good at getting girls and can make them smile when no one else can. Koby is the man everyone wants to be around.
I wish I had a Koby.
by Derrek Riley September 09, 2016
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A strong young man who is good with the girls and is every sweet.
I wish I had a koby
by $$$$$$!$%%$$&76%'&&6 July 10, 2016
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a girl is giving you head and right before your about to bust back up and shoot the cum into her mouth and koby that hoe
by whatsgood6969 January 31, 2010
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