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National Skip School day is an unofficial holiday on the 2nd of December in the United States of America created by TikTok.

However in Australia children who skip school on the 2nd of December risk up to 12 years in prison or a $50,000 fine as well as seizure of all future Christmas presents.
Borris: Did you hear about Koby?

Baxter: No? What happened?

Borris: He skipped school on the 2nd of December for National Skip School Day and now he’s been locked up, the judge sentenced him to 10 years without bail!

Baxter: Could be worse Mason got 11 years and lost all his Christmas presents for the rest of his life! They should have just listened to their mum and gone to school.
by Koby’s a Butt November 26, 2019
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2nd of December

The day good respectful children go to school because that is what their mother told them to do.
Koby: Hey mum, it’s the 2nd of December so I’m going to go to school because I’m a courteous and upstanding hound student.

Mason: Yes Mother, I to shall be going to school as this is the right thing to do and I respect your decision as my primary caregiver.

Koby: here here!
by Koby’s a Butt November 26, 2019
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