From "to excess" but stronger: e.g. way over-doing something; manic; out of control; drunk; toxic; dangerous.

It can be used in a variety of ways depending on context.
She isn't dressed for success, she's dressed 2xs.
Y'all better ask somebody: you think you're loc, but he's 2xs!
I'm going 2xs--don't wait up.
by tommcatt January 1, 2010
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Peter: "Did you see that?"
Cindy: "Yeah, wow man that was cool2x"

Bob: "How are you doing?"
Cindy: "fine2x, thanks2x"
by Johny Appleseed May 20, 2005
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Special deal offered by Dominos pizza on Tuesday. Buy one large pizza at regular price and get a second pizza, FREE!
It's funny, those Dominos deals. 'Tuesday. 2x Tuesday, buy a large pizza at regular price and get a second pizza FREE!' Oh wow, FREE! Just goes to show you when you do buy a large pizza not on a Tuesday just how much of a raping you get, when they can afford to give you another free one, still make profit, but it's not Tuesday.
by Racer Stylez April 24, 2008
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For every 1 guy at a party there should be 2 girls.
"Dude im not going to that party unless the ratio is 2x=y"
by Saggy 666 November 25, 2009
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A game variant of the commonly refereed to the beer game 3x the charm which is often difficult and time consuming. 2x the charm is more common for a winner to win with more ease. The actual game is when you line up two paddles on opposite sides of a ping pong table and then have a cup with 1/3 of a beer can in there. Each player receives two ping pong balls and an opportunity to throw them at the other person's paddle. If hitting the opponent's paddle twice the player who has been hit must drink their cup and then refill again. This cycle continues until someone finishes their beer; thus, making them the loser. Rebuttals (a term often used in Ruit) are allowed.

This game was originated in Barrington, IL by two men who did not have cups to play Ruit ( a variant of Beer Pong) and came up with a concept similar. They were the first to play.
Ah man! We have no cups for ruit, let's play 2x the charm!

My friend and I played 2x the charm last night for 2 hours and got pretty drunk.
by Smoky S and Capital R July 10, 2009
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The size of a female ass in jeans or tight pants doubled will be the actual size of the females ass
That 2x Formula was right her ass is the size of my F150 Bumper
by Jamacian Jerkin January 24, 2003
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