A notorious gang situated in the town of Maple Ridge B.C.
Man u bes watch ur back cause 224 be up in this hizzo and they'll fuck u up right boyi
by YO MAMMA April 28, 2003
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a man whore who sucks pee pee and has no freind so he slaves it away at Dairy Queen. He likes to vape and smoke weed. He has a weird obsession with gay men . He’s funny but can be very annoying and too gay at times. He single and ugly and will always be. He smells bad and shouldn’t be your friend
Billy 224 is swagger but odd so watch out
by cupcakebae1134 May 06, 2020
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6 Fine Ass Group of guys (James, Soto, Mike Jones, Brian, Matt and Travis) that love to have fun and cause a little trouble.
They also have the best underground partys in the 757.
"yo Kelly what you doin tonight"
"I am got to go chill with the 224 Boys"
"O shit can I come, I heard all of them are hung like a horse"
by 224 Boys January 18, 2006
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