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The decade from 2020 - 2029.
What decade is it?
It's the 20s.
by Uniaer March 15, 2020

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When Santa is too fat for your chimney and he gets stuck so you pull out his tiny dick and start jerking him off all night.
Kim: Santa's stuck in my chimney!
Santa: help!
Kim: *pulls down santas pants*
Santa: wha- what are you doing?
Kim: oh nothing, just milking the Santa!
Santa: oh god!
by Uniaer October 26, 2020

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Fear of objects in precarious positions.
You have precaraphobia.
by Uniaer July 26, 2020

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A sex position when you role play as santa and your girlfriend rides your dick as you shout "Oh! Ho, ho ho!"
David: let's do the Santa tonight
Kim: sure ;)
by Uniaer October 26, 2020

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Xbox series x ha ha ha XD XD XD XD
Guy 1: This fridge is the shit! Where'd you get it from?
iJustine and Snoop Dogg: We got it from Microsoft.
Guy 1: The hell? How in the fuck do you get a fridge from fucking Microsoft!?
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by Uniaer November 30, 2020

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A reverse burglary
David: holy shit! Someone robbed the house!
Kim: wait, no. Someone pulled a santa on us!
David: that tv hasn't been there!
Kim: since when did we have a car?
*mrbeast shows up*
David: did you pull a santa on us?
Mrbeast: yes I did!
Kim: thanks!
by Uniaer October 26, 2020

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