Atmospheric Black Metal

A subgenre of black metal known for incorporating elements of ambient music.
"Did you hear that album Echoes of Battle by Caladan Brood"
"Oh yeah it's one of the best ABM records out there"
by lamence November 15, 2020
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(While watching the Rockets-Jazz game)
Dan: Yo T-Mac just got wacked in the face!
Ben: Uh, oh, looks like he's going into ABM mode
Dan: Yea, now the Jazz are screwed
by Ben a.k.a Mr. T May 3, 2008
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Means all bout money which is a music group owned by ayden(ABM BLINGDATKIDDD)
by ABMREAL1 October 23, 2020
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Jason was talking to a girl he liked when he suddenly got a boner, later that day when talking to his mates I had such an ABM earlier
by Knowlegend September 2, 2018
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Technical jargon.
1. A TLA for "Anything But Microsoft".
2. A doctrine of using any operating system, development or application software to acheive a goal as long as the software is not designed by Microsoft nor, for some people, a Microsoft branded release of an otherwise adequate software title.
3. The notion that Microsoft products are a stability risk, security risk and/or overpriced to be worth paying for or using.

ABM's, ABMer
He works in an ABM office.
I'm not ABM, I just prefer the Mac.
by Prideful Joker August 4, 2005
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abbriviation given to Adam Black Metal, but once he went through several name changes it was shortened to ABM. name changes include: (Adam Black) Meddle,Medal,Meadow,Mask,Magic....and also in rare cases the person will confuse the alloy used in the name (black steel,black platunum, black cold roll) Also color of the metal (green,white,blue,red)
"that black meadow kid is an asshole"
"black steel is gunna fuck me up, no way i'd play wii with him its definatly a trap, and i definatly said steel on purpose even though i knew"
"my boy ABM"
"WHY is black metal such a miserable prick"
"ABM is teh sex0rz"
"they should just call him Adam Big Dick"
by Xstephen hawkingX November 23, 2009
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(n.), (v.)Abbreviation for Angry Black Mama. An overly tempremental mother of the african american persuasion.
I'll talk to you later, ABM just came in.
by K-Lynn April 26, 2005
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