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A company that has ruined my life in the best way possible, and YOU, yes YOU need to try a monster
this is not a sponsorship for monster energy, i just have problems, no you can't judge me
by monster juice addict June 15, 2021
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An energy drink that people drink to seem cool and lower class. Tastes pretty good but has been known to kill people because they take too much. Looks 'cool' for a teen to drink it but immature and retarded for an adult.
Kyle : Yo look Riley, Troy has a monster energy!
Riley: Oh yeah dude let's go up to him and see if we can air drink some of that shit
Troy: Fine guys I'll let you smell it and pour a bit into your mouth
Kyle: Dude that shit is so radical man, im gonna go smoke 5 fags then steal some monsters from the corner shop bro
Riley: yeah let's do it man
Kyle: *spits on ground*
Riley: *spits on ground*
Troy: *spits on ground*
by arandom9yearold December 1, 2018
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Kyle1: U ready to shred some gnarly waves bro?
Kyle2: Hell yeah my dude, just let me down my monster energy drink.
by Wiener Drizzling August 6, 2019
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The drink that cool kid 12 year olds named Kyle drink
by SweatyDonkeySwag December 2, 2019
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A terrible sports drink that is just as healthy as battery acid
Monster Energy is fucking terrible
by wweeer November 23, 2020
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The official drink of tools, douche bags, and white trash.
"Hey that guy over there is such a tool"
"No shit, didn't you see, he's drinking Monster Energy!"
by thetruth5401 July 13, 2009
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