20 January the day of food and sleep, if your born in this day then your a food lover you love food and sleep your sweet your help people and make another people happy but your a little bit sad
Go eat what you want on 20 January and sleep
by Baklavaddi February 4, 2021
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This is the day when the most thoughful, caring, compasionate, loving, beautiful, heartwarming, generous, intellegent, selfless, hardworking people are born. They are desinted to be the most sucessful people ever and will become rich and famous, while still being able to manage being the nicest people you will ever know. They will also recieve many awards like the nobel piece price, an oscar and even become president in the future. People born on January 20 are just generally the most superior people in the world and it's inevitable to stop these events from panning out.
Jill- "What's your birthday"
Emma- "January 20th"
Jill- "Can I have your autograph before you become famous!?"
by norris01123581321 November 3, 2020
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Give the middle finger to your ex day!!
Don't be afraid to show your hatred towards them, it won't hurt ;)
you: see your ex at the mall
ex: looks at

you: make eye contact (it's your time to shine)

now is the time when you put it up for the whole world to see
January 20th- a perfect day to give your ex the finger.
by mountainlionsrule1543 October 16, 2019
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The day cool and swag people are born they don't care what other people think about them and live their life how they want to
January 20 born are so cool that I wanna live their life
by Yusi October 18, 2019
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On January 20th, steal one of your best friends hoodie
Best friend 1: * snags his bsf hoodie*
Best friend 2: where tf did it go, shit it’s January 20 that hecker
by jams vegan November 2, 2019
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teacher: So your homework is page 2 to page 6 on your activity book and...
Student 1: Mrs. Yee, its January 20
teacher :and?
Student 2: Teacher your not suppose to give homework on this exact day.
Students: YAY.....
by LALAlay;a November 19, 2020
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